Who We Are

Our Health Care Coalition team works daily to promote change for the better. We are driven to improve health care access, equity and outcomes throughout Southern Oregon, and advocate for our region’s most at-risk populations. We believe in being creative, innovative and mission-focused to meet our goals — ensuring everyone has the resources they need to reach their highest level of health.
All Hands on Deck

HCCSO’s successful track record of securing and managing federal and state grants, includes Rural Health Outreach, Federal Healthy Start, Oregon State Innovation Models, Oregon Health Authority Office of Equity and Inclusion, and Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Assistance.

As a Collective Impact organization, HCCSO acts as the collaborative backbone organization for Initiatives advancing health equity. 

We have served our community since 1990. View our major milestones.

Rural Pregnancy

Our Mission

To improve health outcomes in the earliest years for families, with a focus on equitable services for all.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Maternal and infant health will be a priority focus for organizations in Southern Oregon and HCCSO will champion this through education, securing resources, and facilitating community collaborations.

Our Values

HCCSO’s values guide the way we work together and help shape the decisions we make.


fostering a culture of continuous learning and exploring


cultivating innovative ideas to improve systems and knowledge


intentionally involving people from various backgrounds, identities, and cultures


building relationships with one another and partnerships between sectors



bettering our community without expectation of reciprocity


honoring the integrity and dignity of individuals, community, and environment

“HCCSO holds at its core a deep desire and drive to address health disparities and improve health outcomes of vulnerable populations.”


– Alicia Beachy, Former Board Member

Key Strategic Priorities 2021-2024:

Maternal Health

1. Improve Maternal and Child Health Outcomes in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon is home to higher than average rates of infant mortality and consistently poorer health outcomes than much of the rest of the state. Healthy Start aims to reduce these disparities through direct service to families and collective action by convening the Perinatal Task Force.

Diverse Team

2. Promote Cultural Responsiveness in Community-Based and Health Care Organizations

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are essential building blocks that need to be embedded into our organizations to ensure our programs are serving populations equitably. By working together with diverse voices to make decisions, those decisions will better represent our community as we address health inequities.

Oregon Capital

3. Engage in Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) work at the county and state levels to promote the link between Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and Health Care

The CHIP work helps drive the focus for community health. As a Health Care organization covering three counties, we will work to be the voice for rural health at the state level, advocating for health equity.

Annual Message from the Director

While our Southern Oregon community has so much to offer in terms of natural resources and community involvement, there’s still a great deal to accomplish when it comes to health disparities among populations in our region. Through the Health Care Coalition of Southern Oregon, we are working to bridge gaps between local programs by expanding our work through training, research, data distribution, collaboration, and grant management. When our local organizations link resources and band together, we are able to trace social and health issues to the source, and make a difference through collective impact.

Looking to the future of HCCSO and Southern Oregon, I believe it’s essential that we remember the work of health equity doesn’t have borders. We are ready to move ahead as a region and a state, and be a part of Oregon’s bigger picture as it relates to improving public health outcomes. We will continue to uplift, connect, and support the programs that bring so much value to our communities in the years ahead. Together, we can lead change for the better.

– Amy Thuren, Executive Director

Annual Report

View Our 2022 Annual Report