Welcome Baby Resource Center

Hello, and welcome to our Welcome Baby Resource Center!

We aim to help people in our community find the resources they need to live happy, healthy lives for themselves and their families. The Welcome Baby Resource Center was named after our Welcome Baby Community Baby Shower, and is a great place to start if you’re pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, supporting a new family, or you’ve just welcomed your baby to the world.

The resources here have been collected by the HCCSO team and our Perinatal Task Force partners. We will update this list twice a year, but acknowledge that services and availability can change between updates. We encourage you to connect with these agencies directly, use 2-1-1, or the coordinated referral options for the most up to date information.

Updated as of January 2021.

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Welcome Baby Brochure
Welcome Baby
Our biggest community engagement event, the Welcome Baby Shower showcases our community’s pregnancy and parenting resources, providing information and demonstrations, and celebrating families with games and giveaways.