Home Visiting

Home Visiting programs offer families opportunities to receive support in their homes, where they may be more comfortable. There are many types of programs available throughout Southern Oregon, based on your needs and what is offered in your local community.

Douglas County—Community UpLift Home Visiting Referral

Nurse Home Visits

“By meeting families where they are, home visiting programs have demonstrated short- and long-term impacts on the health, safety, and school-readiness of children; maternal health; and family stability and financial security.”


– National Home Visiting Resource Center (NHVRC)

Nurse Visiting

Nurse Home Visits with Toddler

Babies First is a program for families with children age 0-5. This program offers home visits and support to families for breastfeeding, infant health, developmental milestones, and ensuring home safety. Nurses can support you with information about how to keep your baby healthy and when you might need to see a doctor, understanding your child’s development, and supporting issues with breastfeeding. You can learn more about this program by visiting:

CaCoon is a program for families with children 0-21 who have (or who are at risk for) a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional condition. Children served through this program require health and related services beyond what is typically required by most children. CaCoon nurses help families coordinate care, identify your child’s strengths and needs, and help gather information to help you make decisions about your child’s health needs.

If you want to learn more about CaCoon, please visit:


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“(I like) having someone to reach out to and talk to whenever needed. Being able to rely on her to come to my house every month and check in with me around my life.”


–  Healthy Start Client Survey, 2023

Healthy Families

Baby Girl with Dad Home Visits

Healthy Families is a family support and parent education home-visiting program. Staff are trained in an infant mental health approach, with the belief that early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for life-long, healthy development. Healthy Families focuses on strengthening the parent-child relationship, and home visits support parents in cultivating and strengthening a nurturing, positive relationship with their baby at each visit.

Healthy Families services are available in many communities in Oregon. Learn more about it here:


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“Research shows that when fathers participate in home visiting, they learn new parenting skills, are more confident in their parenting, and have stronger relationships with their children and partners.”



Early Head Start

Early Head Start Home Visits

Early Head Start services can begin during pregnancy, and are available to support families with children through age three via home visits or center-based support. Most children enrolled in these programs qualify because of income status, but children can also qualify if they have disabilities or are in foster care. Key services provided by Early Head Start include early education, health, nutrition, family strengthening and information and referral.

Want to learn more about Early Head Start? Visit:


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“As a family support specialist, offering family-focused, empathic support in the family’s home is what’s important to me. Being able to meet families where they are at(physically and mentally), be flexible and consistently help strengthen family units through the use of evidenced based curriculum is such a valuable part of what our program provides for our community.”


– Mandy Galbraith, Siskiyou Community Health Center

Family Development Center
(Douglas County Only)

Family Development Center Home Visits
Family Development Center provides comprehensive support to families in crisis or families with significant risk factors. FDC works to build strong, lasting relationships with families by helping parents to create safe and healthy environments for their children. Enrolled families can receive basic needs support, mental health services (for adults, children, or families), parent education, crisis intervention, and additional referrals for community support.

““HCCSO and 211 Info are working together to get our community members the resources they need. Getting people the right information in a timely manner is key to ensuring everyone has access to support so they can be healthy and thrive.”​.”


– Mike Fieldman, Board President

Project Baby Check & Healthy Start
(Josephine County Only)

Project Baby Check

Siskiyou Community Health Center offers home visiting programs for families with infants up to age three. SCHC uses a relationship-based approach and offers learning experiences that are relevant and customized for the individual needs of each family and child. They provide home visitations, monthly playgroups, parenting classes, books and educational materials, nutrition and fitness classes, transportation services and much more.