The Regional Perinatal Task Force is excited to welcome Julie Hurley and Steve Schenewerk of the Creating Community Resilience ACE Training Team to our March 7th Task Force meeting!


The Creating Community Resilience ACE Training Team

The Creating Community Resilience ACE Training Team is offering free training on the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study, Resilience, and how an understanding of the science behind brain development can lead to the transformation of entire communities. The Creating Community Resilience ACE Training Team consists of professionals from Douglas County. However, there are similar teams in other counties in Southern Oregon and all over the United States. If you are located in Josephine or Jackson Counties, email for more information on the trainings, or to schedule a training session at no cost for your school or organization.


About the Training

Information in this training comes from the landmark Adverse Childhood Experience study. This research study found that consistent adversity and toxic stress during childhood has the most powerful influence of many health, educational, occupational, and social problems. Results of the ACEs Study have been replicated in all sorts of communities all over the world. From this research came the concepts of trauma informed care and resilience to ACEs. 


Trauma informed care means that an individual, entity or organization is actively seeking to engage patients, clients, and fellow citizens in a way that recognizes and ultimately helps to heal and empower. In this context, resilience means to actively develop skills and accommodations that enable everyone to contribute to their community. There are key conditions that lead to resilience such as having a positive view of one’s self, a social support system, and thriving communities. 


About the Trainers

Julie Hurley (she/her) is a Program Coordinator at the Douglas Education Service District for Take Root Parenting Connection and Business Champions for Kids programs focused on connecting parents, businesses and the community to parenting education and early learning systems across the community.


Dr. Steve Schenewerk (he, him) has served as pastor of Community Baptist Church, Winston, OR since 1991. He is a founding member of the Winston Community Education Network; and continues to volunteer on many school district wide committees. Steve serves as the Chair of the Regional and Douglas County Governance Team for the South Central Oregon Early Learning Hub. He is a current board member of ECHO (Every Child Douglas County) and is on the leadership team of Be One Umpqua, a coalition of evangelical churches in Douglas County. 



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